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To provide a safe environment to our Advertisers/Publishers and provide brand safety to platforms both on buy/sell side when scaling up the business and meeting objectives for our publishers/advertisers. We partner with content providers, demand players and tech platforms.

Lead Generation API

Lead generation API managment platform for networks to maximize earnings and integrated with Advertisers on API on the fly. Automatic API lead submissions to your CMS

Automatic Template Creation

Capturing leads from multi channel like forms / chatbots / etc and other flows. Support for creating beautiful templates which support AI driven chatbot.


Retarget on leads via SMS

Ability to buy only OTP verified leads / manual verified leads / etc. Control on blocking publishers, caps / exclusivity. Real Time targeting on city, state, income, age, etc.

Reliable Payments

Manage revenue share / exclusivity etc in easy way. Best payouts from leading advertisers.

Our Services


We give you Exclusive offers at Best payouts from leading advertisers with Flexibility to submit leads on forms/API.


You get quality traffic from our list of handpicked long tail Publishers with the control of blocking / approving publishers.

Our Quality

We capture quality leads from multi channels like forms/chatbots and those can be OTP verified leads / manual verified leads.